Free Migos type beat. When "Bad and Boujee" became the number one song in the nation, it was surprising in the same way it was when Rae Sremmurd took the top spot with Black Beatles.” Atlanta's viral-rap sensations were always big on Twitter, but in a world where Spotify streams are taken just as seriously as CD sales, that digital success is eas… Read More

KLASS MONEYKlass Money as he is respectfully known by his peers and fans, learned early that nothing in life is handed to you. Determined not to be the stereotypical rap artist, Klass breathes the essence of his Caribbean roots into his rhymes, adding a sensual flare to his rap game ... those seeking mercy had best look elsewhere. Klass Money calls… Read More

Brad Geiger, writer of the groundbreaking work Suggestions For Automatics, is releasing a musical album titled Tom Rawling's Old Ladies Peep Show.Brad Geiger is a musical artist that draws inspiration from a wide variety of influences. rock & Roll, Dance, Hip Hop, Classical and Jazz music all provide depth to his tone repertoire. A product belongin… Read More

Learning Chinese is usually a bit of frightening and seems very unlikely at the first glance. They just look like scary blocks of words in case you do not know the notion of how they were formed. Before you begin to learn Chinese writing, you need to learn how to create them first. Strokes are the classified set of line patterns that are positioned… Read More

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